Emergency assistance


Mission of the service is to provide support and short-term accommodation to persons who have found themselves in a situation which they perceive as a crisis. The aim is to stabilize them and get them in touch with other sources of help.

Target groups

The service is provided to parents (or other caregivers) with children, or adults without children, who found themselves in crisis situation associated with the loss of housing. The service is provided preferentially to persons with underage children.  


The service´s objective is a user
  • whose psychical state is stable;
  • who is oriented in his current situation and can take necessary steps to solve it;
  • who succeeded in obtaining at least temporary accommodation.

Characteristics of the service

The service is intended for parents with children or for adults. Accommodation is provided in a triple room of emergency assistance, usually for a period of 7 days. Food packages are provided if necessary.

Residing clients are provided with help and support aiming at stabilization of their situation, especially at finding a place to live. Clients have access to internet and phone, they are given contacts for follow-up services, and they are possibly assisted when dealing with the services.

External form of the service can be provided, too. This consists of one-off or repeated consultations including psychological support and counselling leading to stabilization of the unfavorable situation and getting in touch with other sources of help.