Support to family / children


Mission of the program is to support children and youth in their unfavourable life situation, provide them with safe environment, offer them possibility to participate in free-time activities supporting their prosperous development and healthy self-confidence.

Target groups

Children and youth aged 6 – 16 years
  • under the supervision of the Department of Social Affairs of Municipal District of Prague 12
  • from families that are included into our program Support to families / parents
  • living in foster care


  • to provide children a positive adult models
  • to develop their skills and abilities, specific interests and talents
  • to strengthen their sense of self-worth
  • to provide them safe environment between children of the same age (support of integration, building friendly relations)
  • to provide them space for sharing their difficult life situations
  • to increase healthy self-confidence of children
  • to help them to succeed at school
  • to encourage children and young people in search of their own life goals and the ability to fulfill them.
  • to relieve guardians / parents (respite care)

Characteristics of the service

Supportive groups for children and youth are organized weekly, the groups are divided by age. The agenda of the groups is prepared with the aim to support self-confidence of the children, develop their social skills and provide them with a collective positive experience and space for sharing their difficult life situations. In addition to the regular meetings there are also several whole-day trips, weekend stay and summer camp organized during the year. The children are offered the possibility of individual tutoring.