Support to family / parents


Mission of the program is to support families in their effort to improve unfavourable life situation and create healthy and safe environment for prosperous development of children.

Target groups

The service is intended for families with underage children finding themselves in difficult situation which, potentially or really, endangers favorable development of a child and families in need of help and support when solving such situation.

The help and support can be also provided to families who strive for their children to get back to family from institutional care.


The service objective is to enable children to grow in their own family, which requires the ability of parents to create a safe and stable family environment for the child. 

The objective of the service is a family:

  • able to run the household efficiently; with a secured affordable housing; able to take care of the household; with arranged legal relations; using the opportunities to participate in labor market; handling possible debts
  • able to provide children with appropriate care in the areas of nutrition, clothing and hygiene, supervision and daily regime, care for physical health (care for sick child, arranging for medical care); bringing up and meeting his/her emotional needs, care for development of child´s personality and his/her education
  • where there are healthy relations

Characteristics of the service

Service is provided through outreach form in natural family setting. It is a long-term intense support for families who solve problems connected to living, finance, job, housekeeping, caring for children and meeting children´s needs etc. The service is implemented in close cooperation with the Department for Social and Legal Protection of Children (OSPOD), which selects families for the program and through which the cooperation with clients starts.