Off-city camps


Mission of the program is to support working parents during the summer and the autumn holidays by taking care after their children, and to ensure good-quality free time to the children by introducing them wide variety of interesting activities.

Target groups

Children 6 – 12 years


  • to support the working parents with children
  • to offer the children positive example of how to spend free time actively
  • to prevent the passive spending of time in front of TV, computer, etc.
  • to prevent the likelihood of the development of risk behaviour among the children, such as experimenting with addictive substances, small thefts, etc.
  • to support positive experience of children in the area of their abilities and skills, cooperation, respect to the others
  • to support meeting of parents and children in the community and thus to support the healthy development of the community

Characteristics of the service

We organize several runs of five-day long off-city camps during summer holiday, and usually two/three-day long off-city camps during  autumn holiday.