Proxima Sociale p.b.c.

Proxima Sociale public benefit company (p.b.c.) is a successor of activities of Proxima Sociale civic association. The civic association was registered by Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic on 27 December 1993, and since the beginning of 2014 it has carried on its activities in the form of public benefit company, registered by Prague Municipal Court, section O, entry 1238.

You can read about our history here.

You can find the Annual Reports here - many of them are both in Czech and English, and / or have English summary. Fully bilingual is e.g. the Annual Report 2013.

Mission of Proxima Sociale p.b.c.

To increase the quality of life of citizens and to help them to overcome adverse life situations.

Target groups

We provide complex of social services designed for the following target groups:

  • unorganized groups of children and youth
  • juvenile criminal offenders
  • children with other mother tounge 
  • mothers with children
  • families with children
  • citizens in need of professional social advice
  • citizens in need of emergency assistance


1. To provide specific types of social services, particularly community and drop-in services, according to needs of the target groups in their place of activity:
  • drop-in facilities for children and youth
  • outreach programs
  • programs of prevention of risk events
  • probation and rehabilitation programs
  • reception center – asylum apartment
  • emergency assistance
  • professional social advice
  • improvement of family life
2. To improve the quality of social services by:
  • implementation of quality standards and methods of work
  • raising awareness about the principles of prevention and community social work
  • staff training, development of human resources in the organization
3. In the regions of our activity to participate on:
  • community planning
  • partnership with municipality
  • partnerships with entities operating in the region
  • encouragement of citizens to participate in local community events
  • prevention programs
  • employment programs
4. To generate further programs according to the demand of local community
5. To develop the phenomenon of volunteerism in social services
6. To develop international cooperation within the framework of our activities