Drop-in programs


The mission of the drop-in social services for youth – as part of the prevention from risks connected to adolescence period – is to provide youth with free support and help in dealing with difficult life situations which young people are not able to cope with and which are difficult for them to solve and to provide them with safe space for spending their free-time, including offer of meaningful free-time activities.

Target groups

Children and youth:

  • aged 11 – 19 years (in selected cases we are able to work individually over the age limit of the target group, up to 26 years of age)
  • usually residing in the program area
  • in difficult life situation


  • providing support and assistance in difficult life situations
  • promoting positive change in life
  • accompanying during the stress period of adolescence
  • reducing the risks associated with the lifestyle
  • supporting in active and independent dealing with problems
  • motivating to participate in the local community events
  • motivating to active leisure time
  • increasing the competences of asserting in the labor market
  • reducing the risk of social exclusion

Characteristics of the service

Drop-in facilities for children and youth (NZDM) are clubs staffed by professional social workers. They help young people with their problems (school, family, relationships), prepare cultural, sports and community programs with them and, last but not least, they ensure the maintenance of safety in the clubs (no drugs, no aggression, no alcohol).

Outreach programs for children and youth is a form of social service in which the social workers search for young people in their natural habitat, in the streets of cities and housing settlements, and solve their problems (school, work, family, social-legal) with them, and offer them opportunities for active leisure. Another purpose of the outreach programs is to monitor undesirable social phenomena in specific localities and to cooperate on their elimination with local authorities and other providers of social and related services.

Where we opperate

  • Prague 9
  • Prague 11
  • Prague 12
  • Prague 13
  • Prague 15
  • Prague 16
  • Mladá Boleslav
  • Dobříš